"Life is not what you do today, but what you leave behind.

At Relan, we are on a mission to create a more sustainable future for generations to come. 

Relan is a mother-daughter run, WBENC certified woman-owned, small business that partners with large companies to showcase their commitment to sustainability. Through this partnership, we tell a company’s sustainable story through unique, branded products created from their old marketing materials. These storytelling products divert existing marketing materials from the landfills and close the loop on an often overlooked waste stream. 

sustainable fashion messenger bags totes pouches made from old banners and billboardssustainable fashion messenger bags totes pouches made from old banners and billboards

We offer programs to help large companies reach their sustainability goals, participate in the circular economy, and tell their sustainability story by putting eco-friendly products in the hands of their customers. Stories are communicated through a variety of marketing products from luggage tags and business card holders to totes and messenger bags, or through new upcycled products created by our in-house design team.

Beyond the Products

Our story began in 1995. Relan, which according to the Urban Dictionary means "someone who is cool at such a level that one would always want to be around them," was started to keep vinyl banners out of the landfill and provide sustainable, "cool" fashion statements. Today we are using these functional pieces to tell stories that engage more companies and more individuals with sustainability.

To date, we have helped our partners keep over 450,000 square feet of material out of landfills, close the loop on a current waste stream, and benefit their triple bottom line. And, we've been named to the GameChangers500 list as part of the world’s top For-Benefit companies. 

Our goal is to help tell your story to your community, find unique ways to meet your sustainability goals, and drive your triple bottom line. Your story is your image and what better way to boost your image and tell your story than through cool products that your customers, fans, employees, and stakeholders want to use to showcase your social good and purpose? 

Community Values

Relan is committed to working with our local community. Every item that Relan creates is cleaned, designed, cut, and sewn in Minnesota using minimal water and eco-friendly soaps for cleaning. We purchase our materials and supplies from local and U.S. manufacturers and are dedicated to making every piece of the products with upcycled and recycled components.

reuse minnesota focused on repurposing reusing and recyclingreuse minnesota focused on repurposing reusing and recycling

Relan partners with organizations that employ the mentally and physically challenged for component assembly and cleaning, and also work with the local community for sewing. Our CEO, Della Simpson, was also elected in 2014 to the board for ReUse Minnesota, a non-profit trade association focused on bringing visibility to the reuse, rental, and repair sector through networking, publicity, and events and our President, Kari Brizius, is an advisory board member for the ReUse Institute.

reuse conex brings communities together to find ways to reuse materialreuse conex brings communities together to find ways to reuse material

Our Commitment to You

When you partner with Relan, you start conversations that otherwise would not happen and open one-on-one engagement with your customers around sustainability.  We want you to be successful and we want to help get your story out!  Transform your old materials into something new and provide your customers, employees, and stakeholders with meaningful products. Products they value and can use across the globe to promote your company’s brand and commitment to the environment. The more products we can create together using existing materials, the more waste we can keep out of our landfills, and the less waste we bring in from overseas. 

We are committed to helping you tell your sustainability story that leaves a lasting impact on your community, customers, and the environment. 

Unique, sustainable giveaways, gifts, customer engagement productsUnique, sustainable giveaways, gifts, customer engagement products