Happy Veterans Day! From the Relan team, we want to extend a huge thanks to all of those who have served and continue to serve our country.

We have officially entered the season of giving and across the country, events like Minnesota’s Give to the Max Day (happening tomorrow!) are taking place to support and recognize the efforts of some amazing organizations that work hard every day to support their communities. 

Here at Relan, we’ve had the opportunity to work with some pretty incredible people and in the spirit of Veterans Day, we thought it was only appropriate to highlight a few of the organizations we know and love in our own community and beyond that are giving back and doing good.  

In the spirit of giving, we are also giving away a Relan tote bag! 

All you have to do is leave us a comment at the bottom of this post and tell us about an organization you love and why. The contest ends on Thursday, November 19

reusable tote bagsreusable tote bags

(The tote above is just an example - the winning tote may have a different design, but will be equally as wonderful.)

And now, on to the 7 organizations we know and love: 

1. Share Hugs

Share Hugs organizationShare Hugs organization

What you should know: Share Hugs creates blankets, pillows, and belongings bags for kids in foster care.

Why we love them: Many kids are given trash bags to store their belongings when they enter foster care. We love that Share Hugs is providing a source of love, dignity, and hope to kids who need it most, by creating something as simple as a reusable belongings bag

How you can get involved: You can organize a fabric drive in your area, sponsor belongings bags, donate money, or nominate a case worker, foster kid, or foster parent for their hard work. Visit www.sharehugs.org to learn more. 


2. ProAct

What you should know: ProAct is an organization that provides employment opportunities and skills training for those with disabilities or other challenges.

Why we love them: We’ve been working with ProAct for 4 and their incredible staff helps us create our products. We love ProAct’s commitment to others’ success by creating positive and thriving opportunities. 

How you can get involved: Tomorrow is Give to the Max day in Minnesota and you can donate to ProAct’s cause. Head over to their GiveMN page to donate!


3. Justin C. Crane Memorial Scholarship

Justin C Crane Justin C Crane 

What you should know: The Justin C. Crane Memorial Scholarship was created to honor Justin Crane, who passed away in 2012 after battling Leukemia. The annual scholarship is awarded to a student at South Saint Paul High School, where Justin graduated. 

Why we love them: This organization is near and dear to our hearts, as Justin was a family member of ours here at Relan. We love that this scholarship exists to help Justin’s memory live on and to provide opportunities for ambitious young adults.

How you can get involved: You can donate on their website or sign up for their annual golf tournament, which takes place in Minnesota each year.  

4. Reuse Institute

What you should know: The Reuse Institute promotes and educates the public on the reuse movement by hosting events, trainings, and supporting research. 

Why we love them: The Reuse Institute and our values go hand-in-hand. We love the work they are doing across the states to build the reuse community. We love them so much that our president, Kari, serves on their technical advisory board.

How you can get involved: Volunteer, set up employer sponsored giving through your workplace, donate, or shop with Amazon Smile or at Kroger. Get all the details on their website

5. Veterans Yoga Project

yoga for veteransyoga for veterans

What you should know: The Veterans Yoga Project was created to “support recovery and resilience among veterans, their families, and our communities.” 

Why we love them: We love yoga and we love our veterans, so naturally, we adore this organization. They provide yoga classes and resources for veterans across the country, and they also support yoga instructors who want to serve the veteran community. 

How you can get involved: This week is their annual Veterans Gratitude Week, where you can donate to their fundraiser or volunteer to teach a class if you are an instructor. Head over to their website for more details on how to get involved. 


6. Neighbors, Inc.

What you should know: Neighbors, Inc. is a Minnesota-based organization that provides emergency and supportive assistance programs for families in need, such as food, clothing, community programs, and more.  

Why we love them: Another organization close to our hearts! Each year, Relan is one of many volunteers that sponsors a family over the holidays by providing food and gifts. With an incredible volunteer staff of over 1,600, they have made a significant difference in the lives of many people living in Minnesota. 

How you can get involved: Join their volunteer staff. They have options for one-time or ongoing volunteering in all areas of the organization.


7. Save-a-Bull Rescue

Rescued pit bull puppies Rescued pit bull puppies 

What you should know: Save-a-Bull is a Minnesota-based organization that rescues, educates, and advocates for pit bulls and pit mixes. 

Why we love them: As fellow dog lovers, we can’t get enough of organizations like Save-a-Bull. We love that they place rescue dogs in foster homes until they are adopted, so they can still reap the benefits of a loving family while they wait for their forever homes. They also host low-cost spay and neuter events for the Minnesota community.

How you can get involved: Volunteer at their events or foster a rescue pup. Or, you know, maybe adopt one of their adorable pups



Tell us in the comments which organization you love and why, and you could win a Relan tote bag. Contest ends Thursday, Nov 19.

Photos: 1) Facebook/Share Hugs 2) Flickr/Arctic Wolves 3) Flickr/Chris Young