I was lucky enough to get a pre-released copy of Matthew Kenney's new book, Cooked Raw. The book will be available starting January 13, 2016  and I highly recommend reading this if you ever had a question about doing the right thing and following your passion. 

Matthew Kenney’s biography, Cooked Raw, is a great read about a classically trained chef destined to help change the way we eat. But it tells us so much more about perseverance, finding our passion, and doing the right thing even when we aren’t quite sure what that is or where it will lead us.

Anyone with the entrepreneurial spirit or who has ever pursued that challenge, can relate to all the ups and downs, both personally and professionally, that Kenney so artfully describes throughout the book.  From the beginning of his career, it is clear that he is searching for the right thing that will bring it all together for him and he is always willing to try something new to get there.  But, it is when he discovers, what he calls, “a winding path full of surprises” that he finds his way to his passion.

Kenney is able to combine his passion for cooking with his new found passion for health and vitality and raw foods.  This is not an easy journey. But this determined, accomplished chef,  knew this was something he needed to share; it was the right thing to do.  Realizing that this raw stuff was not a fad but a new way of eating, he persevered.  

And it was the right thing to do. The right thing for Kenney. The right thing for his partners. And, the right thing for the foodservice industry; to offer quality, great tasting food that is good for you and your life.  The book is inspiring and full of all the ingredients for pursuing your dreams and spicing up your life with great food and energy.

On top of the great book you can also check out the publisher of the book, Familius, who is interesting in their own way and I will talk more about in a future post.  

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