Yoga Treats:  A series of short "treats" for your body and mind.  The power of yoga without all the time.  I will walk you through one short "treat" in each post so check back frequently and let me know how you like each one and how it works for you.  These can be performed by men, women, and kids!

Yoga Forward BendYoga Forward Bend

Treat Three: Seated/Standing Forward Bend.  I’ve read many times about yoga, “you’re only as young as your spine is flexible.” This seated forward bend will help lead the way to a flexible spine.  

Once again, sit up straight, the crown of your head reaching toward the sky, your sit bones reaching down, your shoulders back and down. Place your palms on your thighs. Inhale and reach the crown of your head up. On the exhale begin hinging at your hips, keeping your back straight and tall.  On each inhale, reach the crown of your head up, on each exhale, walk your hands and roll your tummy down your thighs. Inhale, extend up.  Exhale, roll down.  Remember to hinge at your hips and keep your spine long and straight.  On each exhale, your body will release just a little bit more.  Continue walking your hands down your thighs, to your knees to your shins, whatever feels right for you today. Once you have hinged as low as your body will take you, take a couple of deep breaths, and slowly walk your hands back up your legs, rolling your spine one vertebrae at a time up to a straight seated position.  Remember to move slowly and with purpose out of the pose.  Most people hurt themselves coming OUT of a pose by moving too quickly and not paying attention to their bodies.  

These are simple treats for your body today . . . and no one knows how to treat your body like you know how to treat your body today.  Namaste.

The CEO Corner is a Relan blog series by our very own Della Simpson on living a green, happy, and healthy lifestyle from the inside out. Della is certified by YogaFit as a Yoga Instructor. Learn more about Della here.

Yoga FrogYoga Frog