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Kari Brizius

Turn Trash Into Treasure

Get inspired by Made Out of WHAT & learn how you can grow your brand by reusing branding and marketing materials you already have!

Anaheim Ducks Score with Sustainability

The 2017 NHL National Green Week kicked off in March. See how the Anaheim Ducks are connecting with their fans through their sustainability mission.


7 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Relan

We've listed our most popular FAQs about repurposing vinyl banners and billboards. Everything from what materials we can use for upcycling to the clients we've worked with.

How Restaurants Can Add Sustainability

The National Restaurant Association ranks sustainability as a top priority. See what conference attendees took home from participating in the 2016 Sustainability Executive Study Group.

Upcycling Just Got Cooler

I can’t believe I’m saying this but...please let it be cold. Minnesota hosts the annual U.S. Pond Hockey Championships but what does pond hockey have to do with sustainability?! You may be surprised! Find out how they incorporated eco-friendly products into this cool event!