Mascot WarriorsMascot Warriors

Through sports and education, our children can help protect threatened species and our environment.  With over 45 million kids in the US alone playing sports, let's use this platform to teach kids about the environment as well as how to protect it.  

The Mascot Warriors series makes saving the environment and the endangered mascots fun and educational!  

Team mascots from around the world have united. They know if they recruit young athletes to become Mascot Warriors, together they can defeat the PHAR, and save their species, mankind and planet Earth.

In this first book of the Mascot Warrior series, Dolly the dolphin, teaches her football team about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and what each of them can do to make a difference and save the effected animals.  After a close call for a few of the kids with the Baggers, they all see what a mess we have in our oceans and now it is up to them to make a change for the better.  

In addition to the education this book provides, we are also donating 10% of each book purchased to the World Wildlife Fund to directly support endangered species and their habitats.


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