Smithsonian Institution

"The Smithsonian's Energy Management Branch calculated that the lights purchased from the sale should save the Institution $66 per bag in energy costs of the next 5 years. According to Hollinger, when the products arrived, the staff started claiming totes before the boxes were fully unpacked! They are well on their way to selling out of totes and successfully raising the funds required for their LED lighting project." 

- Eric Hollinger, co-chair of the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History's Greening Task Force

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Products created:  PickUp Tote


Desert Caballeros Western Museum

"Desert Caballeros Western Museum has been thrilled to recycle our exhibition banners into the unique products from Relan. Our visitors and members appreciate begin able to have a one of a kind piece to purchase that is also promoting responsible upcycling! Relan makes the process easy and fun and we couldn't be happier with the results."

- Sandra Harris, Desert Caballeros Western Museum

Products created: Chicago, Junior Padfolder, Tony Tote 365, Luggage Tag, Small Tote




New England Aquarium

"I've now worked with Relan on several projects over the past few years and can't say enough good things about their service and workmanship. I send them our advertising banners just as they come down from the street and ask for amazing products, which they consistently deliver. Their initial design concepts have always been great but when we need adjustments, their response to feedback is timely and accurate - ultimately delivering a terrific product on time and on budget. My favorite product is the large tote - the recipients of the bags marvel at the quality and handiwork that obviously went into each piece.  Relan has truly created works of art from old materials."

- Teri Davidson, New England Aquarium

Products created: 365 Deluxe Tote, Junior Paddler


Phantom of the Opera

"As the longest-running show on Broadway, we celebrate each anniversary at THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA with a gift for everyone who works at the Majestic Theatre. The Broadway industry has been trying to become more eco-friendly – an initiative called the Broadway Green Alliance has encouraged shows to be more conscious of our waste and adopt environmentally-friendlier practices.

PHANTOM had about 60 street banners which had been retired from an outdoor advertising campaign and couldn’t be used again. We found Relan online and we were instantly drawn in by their company commitment and values. With only about a month and a half before our 27th anniversary, we contacted Relan to see how we could transform the banners into gifts. They provided excellent guidance on how we could make the most out of our materials, and they delivered 250 unique totes and pouches in time for our celebration.

Our employees were thrilled with these one-of-a-kind bags that featured our recognizable logo, and we still get compliments about them to this day!"

-Steve Greer, The Phantom of the Opera, LP

Products created: Chicago Wristlet, Small Tote


Theater Under the Stars

“I am absolutely thrilled with our new bags from Relan! We produce dozens of expos a year to promote our theatre productions and it has always seemed such a waste to toss them in the trash. Imagine my excitement when I discovered they could be repurposed into beautiful, useful and durable bags.

These will be sold in our theatrical gift shop, and will be perfect one-of-a-kind mementos of favorite productions. Our tagline is ‘unique gifts under the stars’ and these bags couldn’t fit any more perfectly!”

-Suzanne Tidwell, Theater Under the Stars

Products created: Pony Express Bag, Tony Tote, Small Tote