Dedicated to Helping Progressive Companies Meet Sustainability Goals

Did you recently finish a fantastic marketing campaign that included banners or billboards?  Are you wondering what to do with this material now?  Rather than store it or toss it - let your artwork and brand live on.  Turn your banners, billboards, overprinted t-shirts, team jerseys, or any other cut and sew material into products that keep on giving (and promoting your brand). 

We make sustainability tangible and tell your sustainable story through unique, branded products created from your old marketing materials. These storytelling products expand your brand, align with your sustainability goals, and boost your triple bottom line.   

By doing this we help you

  • Expand your brand awareness
  • Increase your client retention
  • Drive new revenue steams

Our product line includes everything from tote bags, coolers, and computer cases, or just about any product that you can dream up that fits your story - all with material you already own. 

Expand Your BRAND Awareness


Anaheim Ducks reveal upcycled Relan banner bags on St. Patrick's Day for NHL National Green Week to support their green initiatives.


Establishing and following a Sustainability Program in your business can improve your brand perception by up to 11%.  Each of our products carries your custom branding and lets your customers touch and feel your dedication to sustainability.  Did you know: 84 percent of consumers globally say they seek out responsible products whenever possible, though 81 percent cite availability of these products as the largest barrier to not purchasing more?  

Meet Sustainability Goals


"At United, we aim to minimize the environmental impacts associated with our operations and are continuously looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint in the air, on the ground and at our facilities. Relan shares the Eco-skies commitment to sustainability, which is why we chose to partner with them to help mitigate our waste product."


Did you know that a socially responsible initiative can increase your company‚Äôs revenue up to 20%? Let us show you a creative way to reduce waste and turn the waste into an easy sustainability ROI.  

    Drive the Triple Bottom Line

    Photo courtesy of Neal St. AnthonyPhoto courtesy of Neal St. Anthony

    Photo courtesy of Neal St. Anthony

    People, Planet, Profit

    • All products Made in the USA
    • Reduce your waste sent to landfills or incinerators
    • Generate new revenue streams 

    Create Products with Purpose

    Transform the way you engage with your community, fans, customers, and stakeholders.


    Meet Relan

    Discover how Della and Kari found Relan and transformed it into a game-changing, for-benefit, social enterprise

    Upcycling Process

    Whether you're using vinyl, mesh, polyester, or jersey, find out how you can change the course of your marketing materials by repurposing them into unique branded marketing products

    Our Mission

    Learn more about why Relan is passionate about what we do, the organizations that are supporting their communities, benefiting the triple bottom line, closing the loop on a waste stream, and building a more sustainable future