What if there were a way to create unique and original products that align with your sustainability goals to ensure that your brand is remembered? Well, there is.

Our goals are to assist you in telling your unique story through repurposed products and help drive profits to the triple bottom line — people, planet and profit.

There's no better way to demonstrate your dedication to sustainability than through custom upcycled products for your customers, fans, employees, and stakeholders, as the MN Wild found out.

Custom Upcycled Hockey Bags Designed for the MN Wild

We recently had the pleasure of working with the MN Wild and designed custom upcycled hockey bags manufactured out of banners that hung during the 2016 Stadium Series held outdoors at the TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN. It was no surprise that the Wild decided to use repurposed materials for their event bags. The Wild and entire NHL organization have each made commitments to sustainability, which is evident by their environmental protection initiative programs.

MN Wild custom upcycled products designed by Relan

Even though we have a large selection of products to choose from, we love working with business owners to create custom, one-of-a-kind pieces that align with their sustainability goals. Creating a hockey bag was a new endeavor for us and we were really excited to dig in and start designing a custom bag that could withstand the wear and tear of sharp hockey skates and heavy equipment.

“But now it's just part of our day to day culture, just like making ice and setting up events, we do things sustainably. It's just how it is here now.”

- Kate Setley, Director of Event Management & RiverCentre Marketing

How did the bags turn out?

The pieces of each banner used that resemble our Wild brand, to the quality of the straps and handle, to the extra layer added to the bottom of the bag for durability – they’re the real deal. All of my colleagues that saw the bags had nothing but great things to say as well,” raved Tim Kirschbaum, Season Ticket Holder Benefits Coordinator for the MN Wild, after receiving the custom hockey bags.  

Steps to Creating Your Own Custom Upcycling Product

We are on a mission to build a more sustainable future and committed to partnering with you so that you too can make an impact through custom upcycled products. Are you ready to create one-of-kind, artistic, and colorful marketing products that communicate your unique brand story? Great! 

Getting started is simple. Here’s what you need to: 

First, contact us to start the conversation. We can help you begin the customization and design process or let us know if you already have a product idea in mind. Just because it’s not on our product page list doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Second, send us your repurposed materials so we can start creating your upcycled product! If you don’t have your own materials but are still on a mission to be eco-friendly, let us know. Often, we can provide the materials and use your company logo on the products and label.

Lastly, we’ll ship your final custom upcycled products to you. The more products we can create together using existing materials, the more waste we can keep out of our landfills and the more we can positively impact our environment and planet to tell your sustainability story. 

Curious how Relan could help your organization make engaging connections with your customers? Companies of all sizes are needed to make a difference, so start the conversation by sending us an email or calling us at 580-917-1274.