Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the Sustainable Business Council’s #SBCReception. The event was hosted by Steve Glenn, Chair of the Board of the SBC and CEO of LivingHomes, at his LivingHome in Santa Monica. Over 70 people attended and together, we spent a cozy evening making friends and manifesting our missions.

The Story of LivingHomes 

view from the street

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Steve’s LivingHome was the first home in the country to receive a LEED Platinum certification. Incredibly, the home was assembled in eight hours, but you would never know it with its high-profile design and attention to detail. 

Steve and his team at LivingHomes make stylish, highly-sustainable homes affordable and accessible for individuals and communities across North America, thanks to their modular construction process. As Steve puts its, “Our modules are kind of like big, 10,000 pound Legos. Only they don't snap together or come in bright colors.” 

Head on over to the LivingHomes website for a tour of Steve’s abode.

Manifesting Your Mission with Brianna Brown

If you’re in need of a heavy dose of motivation, attend an event with Brianna Brown. An actress, philanthropist, and founder of The New Hollywood, her energy is contagious and it’s nearly impossible to leave uninspired after hearing her speak.

Excited to have my article post on @nphilanthropy Love that this business focuses on women adding value as well as stylish clothes! Honored to be included with these #powerful #badass #women #LookingGoodDoingGood @thenewhollywood_ Thank you Rachel Hinman for the great pics and interview, @taraaquilinastyle for styling and @thisiskatconnelly for making my hairs and face look pretty!

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As the guest speaker at the event, Brianna challenged all of us to dig deep to discover what it is that we truly want in our lives, and uncover the forces that might be holding us back. Together, we worked through a series of exercises that you can find below. I hope these exercises inspire you as much as they inspired me.

1. Identify the Roles You Play

Brianna led us through an exercise to write down all of the roles we play in our lives and then rank where we feel we are in those roles on a scale of 1-10. We evaluated why we ranked higher or lower in some roles than others, and if needed, how we can improve or make space for the roles where we ranked low.

One great reminder: We have to choose where to put our energy and the rankings might simply reflect where our current energy is focused. As always, she reminded us that #WomenCanDoAnything and she has a great video on her site that reflects this attitude.

2. Evaluate Your Confidants 

Next, we wrote down our top five confidants - the ones we turn to when we need support. Brianna asked us to think about - do you only turn to the people who will agree with you or the ones who can actually steer you in a different direction? An interesting thought, since many of us want to be right so we turn to those who agree versus those who can give us a different perspective. If you are going to the wrong person, ask yourself, who can help? 

3. Take a Close Look at Your Barriers to Success 

Finally, as a group, we talked about six areas that act as barriers of success for people. Though we don’t often want to admit it, some of these do appear in our lives and can prevent us from reaching our goals.

The six areas include: 

  • Under earning
  • Unresolved emotional problems
  • Perfectionism
  • Unhealthy relationships
  • Self-sabotage
  • Inconsistent habits
Your calendar and credit card statement are a reflection of your values.
— Brianna Brown

Four Steps to a More Inspired You

Brianna rounded out the night by offering up four additional ideas to help us work toward manifesting our missions:

  1. Find an accountability buddy 
  2. Write down all of the qualities you want in a partner and then ask yourself, "Do I meet these qualities?"
  3. Create an "I want..." list and keep writing until you run out of ideas 
  4. Try doing any writing exercises using your non-dominant hand to tap into a different part of your brain

After the event, I proudly took The New Hollywood pledge - a pledge to join a community of strong, supportive women who believe that anything is possible. Thanks to Molly Lavik, Executive Director of SBC LA, Relan was chosen to gift Brianna with a Relan bag - a token of appreciation from one Minnesota-raised female entrepreneur to another - and a reminder that women can do anything we set our minds to. 

Thanks to SBCLA, Steve, Molly, and Brianna for hosting such an inspiring evening!